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Diversity and Inclusion Book Club: 'The Broken Ladder' by Keith Payne at Madison Plaza Lobby

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Each discussion takes place in the Madison Plaza lounge at 920 Madison Ave., in the food court dining area. You may bring or purchase lunch at the plaza. You are encouraged to attend even if you do not have the opportunity to finish the book prior to the discussion.  

"The Broken Ladder" explores issues such as why women in poor societies often have more children and why they have them at a younger age; why there is little trust among the working class in the prudence of investing for the future; why people's perception of their social status affects their political beliefs and leads to greater political divisions; how poverty raises stress levels as effectively as actual physical threats; how inequality in the workplace affects performance; and why unequal societies tend to become more religious. Understanding how inequality shapes our world can help us better understand what drives ideological divides, why high inequality makes the middle class feel left behind, and how to disconnect from the endless treadmill of social comparison.



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Madison Plaza Lobby
930 Madison Avenue
Memphis TN 38163

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Olivia Ralph

Phone: 901.448.2194
Website: Click to Visit
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