Conference for Women's Leadership

Wednesday, May 22, 2024 11 am to 7 pm

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  • Thursday, May 23, 2024 8:30 am to 1:30 pm
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May 22-23, 2024

UT System Administration HR, EOD presents the Conference for Women’s Leadership (CWL) to address the professional development needs of UT women. The conference provides sessions on topics relevant to women at varying stages on the leadership journey, from those who are emerging as leaders to women in advanced leadership roles.


The Conference for Women’s Leadership will explore the meaning of women’s leadership in our current higher education environment. We are duty-bound to prepare women who lead at all levels to learn, develop, and grow their leadership abilities. In our current environment, there are calls for persistent, tenacious, and resilient leadership. The 2024 CWL theme is Journey Together! This year’s event includes a disco.


This year’s conference includes 5 themed tracks that the sessions will be focused on: Well-being, Work Relationships, Invisible Work, Decision-making, and Executive Leadership.


Interested in a more detailed description of what these sessions will entail? Click here to learn more!

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Internal Price: $250

  • The Career Development Fund (CDF) provides the opportunity for non-exempt employees to participate in job- and career-related development activities. The fund will provide up to $150 per recipient during each fiscal year. Apply at least 3 weeks before the conference.

External Price: $350

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Location:  UTHSC Student Alumni Center (SAC) 800 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38103

Agenda: CWL Agenda

Parking: Parking Map of UTHSC

Donations: Dorothy Day House

  • The Employee and Organizational Development team has strived to find new ways to give back to the local community. EOD has made a goal to partner with a local charity to support with the generous help from our conference guests. For CWL 2024, we have partnered with Dorothy Day House, a local temporary housing service for the unsheltered in Memphis. We will be accepting donations throughout the conference, looking for donation items listed here. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and we look forward to making a difference with you.

CWL Cancellation Guidelines


We would like to thank Fidelity Investments for sponsoring the 2024 Conference for Women’s Leadership.



Session Descriptions for CWL 2024:


Integrity in Action: Navigating Moral Crossroads 

In this session, we explore the intersection of integrity and decision-making where we will discuss how to navigate moral crossroads with ethical considerations. Through discussions and interactive engagements, participants will gain insights into fostering a culture of integrity within their organizations. 


Adapting to New Realities: A Journey of Healing and Rediscovery 

In this session, we invite you to explore the multifaceted nature of loss and the profound impact it has on our lives. Whether it is the loss of a job, a loved one, an idea, or a dream, each experience of loss carries its own unique set of challenges and emotions. 


Fueling Your Fire: Overcoming Burnout and Give-Out 

Join us in this session as we address the pervasive issue of burnout and give-out, offering practical tools and insights to reignite your passion and purpose. Together, we will explore strategies for managing stress, prioritizing self-care, and cultivating resilience. 


Beyond Colleagues: The Value of Workplace Friendships 

In this session, we will delve into the transformative power of workplace friendships and connections. Beyond professional collaborations, these relationships enrich our lives, foster camaraderie, and enhance productivity. 


From Leading You to Leading Others 

You can be a successful person on your own, but not a successful leader. The way forward as the leader of an organization is to utilize the strengths of the entire team. 


Beyond Overwhelmed: Combatting Decision Fatigue 

The abundance of choices can often lead to decision fatigue, impeding our ability to make clear and effective decisions. In this session, we explore the root causes of decision fatigue and equip participants with practical strategies to overcome it. 


Boldly Positive: The Optimistic Woman 

In this empowering discussion, we will discuss the transformative power of optimism and its profound impact on personal and professional growth. From reframing setbacks as opportunities for growth to cultivating gratitude and resilience, we will uncover the keys to embracing a boldly positive mindset that empowers us to thrive in every aspect of our lives. 


The Unseen Weight: Addressing the Invisible Mental Strain 

In this session, we illuminate the often-silent burden of invisible mental strain that many women carry in their daily lives. We will examine the complexities of managing mental health challenges while navigating the demands of work, family, and society. 


Workplace Harmony: Building Stronger Connections at Work 

Join us as we explore the importance of building stronger connections in the workplace to promote harmony and productivity. We will review the impact of diverse perspectives and inclusive practices on fostering a sense of belonging and engagement among team members. 


Empowered Relationships: A Journey from Pleasing to Challenging 

In this session we will explore the journey from being a people pleaser to becoming a leader who effectively challenges others to grow and develop. We will also discuss the shift in relationships that comes with challenging others. 


Adaptive Agility: Decisions in Real-Time 

Decision-making demands not only clarity of thought but also the ability to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances. This session focuses on cultivating adaptive agility and empowering participants to make timely and effective decisions in difficult situations. 


Inner Harmony: Cultivating Mindfulness for Well-being 

Join us in this transformative session where we study the profound practice of mindfulness for enhancing inner harmony and overall well-being. We will explore how mindfulness can help us cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves, navigate life's challenges with resilience, and foster a sense of peace and balance amidst the chaos of daily life. 


Invisible Labor, Visible Impact: Women's Hidden Contributions in the Workplace 

In this session we shine a spotlight on the often overlooked but invaluable contributions of women in the workplace. We will examine how these contributions often go unrecognized and undervalued and discuss strategies for raising awareness and advocating for recognition. 


Mutual Empowerment: The Evolution of Supervisor-Employee Relationships. 

This session explores the transformative evolution of supervisor-employee relationships. We will discuss the traditional hierarchical structures that have often characterized supervisor-employee relationships and the limitations they impose on organizational effectiveness and employee engagement. 


Navigating Your Career Jungle Gym: Beyond Climbing Ladders 

This “leadershift” is about changing from being a personal producer to an equipper of others. When it comes to investing in and helping someone by holding, extending, and building his or her jungle gym, it is important who you choose to mentor. 


Career Crossroads: Should I Stay or Should I Go? 

At various points in our careers, we encounter pivotal moments that prompt us to evaluate our professional trajectories. This session offers a reflective space for participants to explore career crossroads with depth and intentionality. 


Fit for Success: Infusing Physical Wellness in the Workplace 

In this session we will explore practical ways to incorporate movement, exercise, and healthy habits into the workday, from desk exercises and standing meetings to wellness challenges and ergonomic improvements. 


The Hat Rack of Life: Juggling Multiple Roles with Grace 

In this session, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we explore the art of juggling multiple roles with grace and resilience. We will explore challenges and opportunities inherent in wearing multiple hats, from caregiver and professional to friend and community member. 


Trailblazers Together: The Dynamic Duo of Mentorship 

Mentorship is valuable in all aspects of life. This session highlights the transformative journey of mentorship and being a mentor or mentee, exploring the qualities of effective mentors and mentees and offering practical strategies for cultivating successful mentorship relationships. 


The Human Side of Leadership: The Shift From Directing to Connecting 

Changing from directing to connecting is one of the most valuable shifts you will ever make as a leader. When you direct, it is like building a bridge to others, but the traffic only goes one way. When you connect, it is a two-way street. And because of that, everything improves. 


Emerging Leadership Roundtable 

Take this time to connect with women at your stage of leadership from across the state. Suggested participants are not in a formal leadership or supervisory role at present. 


Early Leadership Roundtable 

Take this time to connect with women at your stage of leadership from across the state. Suggested participants may be in a new leadership role up to coordinator III position. 


Mid-Level Leadership Roundtable 

Take this time to connect with women at your stage of leadership from across the state. Suggested participants will have leadership experience at levels and roles up to Assistant Director. 


Executive Leadership Roundtable 

Take this time to connect with women at your stage of leadership from across the state. Suggested participants will have leadership beginning at the position of Director and above and includes faculty. 

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